Our Founder

Helen Manson


Helen completed her nursing degree in 1953 at St. Paul’s Hospital. Subsequently, Helen underwent ostomy surgery and quickly realized the important role that nurses could play in the health of a person with an ostomy. Helen’s passion fueled her pursuit of greater expertise and culminated in her being the 100th graduate from the Cleveland Clinic Enterostomal Therapy program.

Helen returned home as one of British Columbia’s first ET nurse specialists and became a pioneer, founding the ostomy clinics at St. Paul’s Hospital in 1973 and Surrey Memorial Hospital in 1980.

Helen understood that people with ostomies require lifelong care and that her knowledge needed to be more accessible to all. Helen joined the West End Medicine Centre in 1985, and the Ostomy Care and Supply Centre was born. Reaching out and helping people with ostomies, Helen’s compassion and expertise resulted in overnight success.

Under the guidance of her successor and daughter, Andrea Manson, the Centre has become British Columbia’s largest ostomy care and ostomy supply company.

Andrea is a visionary, and is committed to peoples’ lifelong ostomy care with the same passion and compassion as her mother.