COVID-19 Precautions

Updated March 25, 2020

Thank you all for your patience and understanding

In the initial days of COVID-19 precautions becoming widespread in BC, we had a very high volume of calls and orders. We appreciate everyone’s understanding, cooperation and patience during this challenging time. Thank you all for your continued support of our Centre, and for doing your part to flatten the curve.

Changes in Operations

Our team is working on ways that we can help minimize the risk to our patients, their families and the community, as well as our staff.

Supplies & Orders

There are currently no issues with ostomy supply availability. We will update this page if that changes.

Thank you for respecting that everyone will need supplies, and refraining from stocking up. Please remember that Pharmacare only allows us to dispense a 3-month supply at a time. If your order exceeds your average usage, Pharmacare will not cover the order. This is the standard Pharmacare policy, and we appreciate your understanding.

We are taking orders by phone and email, or through our website order form.

Please note that we are not able to accept returns or exchanges at this time, and that, unfortunately, we have temporarily stopped collecting donations of ostomy supplies. We apologize for the inconvenience, but appreciate your understanding.

Pick-ups & Deliveries

To help with social distancing, please consider receiving your supplies by free delivery, our standard service, available throughout BC. To protect our delivery staff, we ask that you be available to come down to the front door in apartment buildings, and for people in houses, the delivery will be left but the delivery person will not wait for your to answer your door. This will help reduce the number of contacts the delivery team makes, reducing their risk of contacting anyone with COVID-19, which in turn reduces the risk to you.

If you decide to come in to pick up, we ask that you call ahead so we can have your order ready for you when you arrive. This allows you to collect your supplies return home quickly and easily, minimizing the number of people in the Centre at any one time. This is for your safety, and the safety of our staff.

Nursing Visits

To help reduce the risk to patients and staff, we are following the instructions of the Provincial Health Officer. This means that we are offering phone and email consultations to people with questions and issues, but reserving in-person appointments for those who are experiencing the following:

  • Significant skin loss due to leakage
  • Persistent leakage (daily or more than daily changes)
  • A new wound under your flange
  • Issues that cannot be resolved over the phone (the nurse will tell you when such a visit is recommended)

If you are making a phone appointment, we will ask you to email us photos prior to your appointment time:

  • a photo of your skin and stoma (flange off) from about 2 feet away
  • the back of your flange or pouching system after removing it (the more of these we see, the more we can tell)

This will help the nurse understand better what is happening. You may get a call from a blocked number at your appointment time – please answer as it is likely the nurse contacting you for your phone appointment.

If you are new to life with an ostomy, we want to assure you that we are here to support you. Please call and connect with one of our nurses – (604-522-4265).


We will be increasing our usual schedule of sanitation, especially of “high-touch” areas such as door handles, bathroom fixtures, PIN pads and counters. Our nurses offices will continue to be cleaned well after each visit, with solutions proven to inactivate COVID-19.

If you have an in-person appointment, please bring your own remover spray, powder and sealant sprays. This will help us reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Your Contribution to Reducing Transmission

Please keep in mind that people visiting our Centre may have impaired immunity because of treatment for cancer or Inflammatory Bowel Disease, or increased risk because of recent surgery, other health conditions or age. We ask you to please cancel appointments if you, or someone close to you, is showing any symptoms like fever, coughing, or shortness of breath. Please let us know if you need a phone appointment, and we will schedule you in an available spot.

Thank You!

The changes that this virus have required from us all can be disruptive, in many aspects of our lives. We appreciate your business and support, and also your understanding. We look forward to resuming full service and care, and hope you, your family and friends all stay well in the weeks ahead.