Laurie Cox


I graduated from St. Paul’s Hospital school of nursing in 1973. During this time, I met Helen Manson, Andy’s mother, the founder of Ostomy Care & Supply Centre. Helen taught me the importance of ostomy care. She stressed how important teaching was in the recovery and well being of a person living with an ostomy.

Having met both Helen and Andy, I knew of their strong passion and commitment to ostomy care, so it became a goal of mine to join Andy’s ET nursing team at Ostomy Care and Supply Center. I’m so very happy to say I met my goal and I finally arrived! I am so fortunate to be able to continue with my passion for ostomy care assisting individuals with an ostomy to make the transition from illness to a better, fuller life.

My 20 year nursing career began in 1974. I started working at the Royal Columbian Hospital on the acute surgical ward. During this time, I provided pre and post operative care for ostomy patients. My career direction moved me to the Pre Admission clinic. During this time, I began to provide vacation relief for Muriel Larsen, the ET nurse at the Royal Columbian Hospital. After my first week of working with ostomy patients, I was hooked. I loved the focus put on the care of patient and the family. Once I met many of my other ET colleagues, I knew I arrived and knew then that ostomy care was the type of nursing I wanted to do for the remainder of my career.

To reach this goal, I committed time and resources to specialize in ostomy care. In 2000, I graduated from the Canadian Association of Enterostomal Therapy (ET) program.

Today, I am retired from the Fraser Health Authority (North). As an Ostomy and Wound Clinician, I coverd the Royal Columbian Hospital, the Ridge Meadows Hospital, and the Burnaby General Hospital for ostomy care. I am an original member of the Wound and Skin Standardization Committee for the authority.

A patient once asked me in her early “horrified” days as an ostomy patient why I would want to work with stomas, I replied simply, “I like the people they’re attached to!”

Finally, it’s a privilege and a pleasure to be working with Andy and her incredible ET team whose philosophy is to provide the best care possible for their clients.