Lisa Hegler


I graduated from Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing, in 1991. I worked, as a registered nurse, RN, on the general surgery ward for 7 years nursing patients after general and ostomy surgery.

In 1995, I completed my Bachelor’s degree of Nursing, BSN, from the University of British Columbia.

From 1997, I worked as a home care nurse in community care. This provided me the opportunity to work with many people with ostomies, who now had to manage their stomas in their home environment. I helped people with ostomies and their families adjust to life with an ostomy. Consequently, I found this very rewarding. My experiences in the hospital and in the community have given me the knowledge and experience to provide ostomy care.

I worked with many people with spinal cord injuries and these experiences assisted and expanded my knowledge in wound care.

In 2006, I attended Emory University in Atlanta Georgia and completed their nursing specialty course. I am now a certified nurse in the specialty of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Care. I worked as an ET nurse at St Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver focusing on ostomy care. Presently, I am the wound clinician at Burnaby Hospital.

Recently, I am working with the Ostomy Care and Supply Centre. I am very honoured to join Andrea Manson and to be a part of her team at the Ostomy Care and Supply Centre. I am privileged to be working with an incredible team whose philosophy is to provide the best care possible for their clients.