About the clinic

The Centre was founded in 1983 by Helen Manson, an Enterostomal Therapy (ET) nurse who, herself, had an ostomy. She recognized that people with ostomies require life long care and support. Today, Andrea (Andy) Manson continues this commitment to care in a professional but relaxed environment unlike any other in BC.

Whether this is a new experience for you, or you have had your ostomy for many years, we are here to help.

“We make it simple, and we go at your pace.”

On our team we have seven Registered Nurses who have specialized in Enterostomal Therapy.

Each day we have two Enterostomal Therapy Nurses at the clinic. This means minimal wait times to see an ET nurse, the ability to make emergency appointments, and see your ET nursing team until your issue is solved.

Initial appointments are one hour in length. We have a wide range of ostomy products from all of the manufacturers, and the ET Nurses will work with you to find the system that works best for you. We want to ensure that the product is right for you before you purchase it.

Our focus is supporting you through life with an ostomy. We have time to help you learn at your pace, and we are here for you for as long, and as often, as you need us.

At the Ostomy Care & Supply Centre, you’ll find

  • A team of nurses working together, providing you with continuity and consistency
  • An extensive range of ostomy products in stock, so there is no waiting for your supplies
  • Free delivery throughout BC
  • Free parking at the clinic

Our passion and dedication are our hallmark!

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Our Founder

Helen completed her nursing degree in 1953 at St. Paul’s Hospital. Subsequently, Helen underwent ostomy surgery and quickly realized the important role that nurses could play in the health of a person with an ostomy. Learn More

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