bodyword2How does my body work?

For many of us, our body is like our car. We feed our car gas to keep it going, and every now and then we take it for an oil change and check the tires.  We don’t know about all the different parts such as the carburetor or head gasket or brake calipers until something goes wrong.  Then we go see a mechanic and we get the broken part replaced or fixed.

Our body is similar. We fuel it with food and we often do not think about its different parts until something goes wrong. Then we see the doctor who specializes in the care of that certain part.

Body systems

In this section we will look at normal digestive function (how the gastrointestinal [GI] tract works), and how the kidneys work  (genitourinary [GU] tract function).


In this section

Normal Kidney Function

Kidneys are bean shaped organs about the size of a fist. They are located below the ribcage on each side of the spine. Learn More

The GI tract

For people with an ostomy, the amount of bowel removed during surgery and the location of the stoma in the digestive system will cause transit time to change. Learn More