Returning to work or school after ostomy surgery

Once you receive the go-ahead from your doctor, you may have questions and concerns about returning to work.

Most people can go back to their usual line of work. Nurses, police officers, teachers, lawyers, office workers, warehouse workers and people from all walks of life can have an ostomy and engage in productive work.

Preparing to go back to work or school

  • If your work involved heavy lifting you may want to review that with your doctor.
  • It takes time to recover from surgery. Do you have the energy to go back to work, including the travel time?
  • Do you have washroom facilities to empty your pouch?
  • Who you tell about your ostomy is up to you.
  • Teachers may want to know so that they understand the need for privacy in the bathroom or the urgency to use the bathroom if needed.
  • Consider the use of pouch or ostomy type deodorants especially if the washroom is close to the office area.

Returning to work or school is part of the transition back to normal life after your ostomy surgery.  Call us if you want to talk about it more or have questions or concerns.