Ostomy Products

Ostomy Products & Accessories

Finding the right pouching system for you is essential to living a full life with an ostomy. Because each person’s needs are unique there are a wide range of products available. No one pouching system works for everyone. Learn more about pouching systems.

Hernia Information

Peristomal hernias occur in 20-50% of people after ostomy surgery. The risk of a hernia can be reduced, but it may still occur. We offer customized hernia support garments, as well as options for lighter support. Learn more about peristomal hernias.

Specialized Wound & Continence Supplies

We carry a broad selection of wound care products and continence products. Our Nurses Specialized in Wound Ostomy & Continence can offer information about how to use them, too. Learn more about wound and continence care.

Ostomy Manufacturers

There are several manufacturers of products, each with their own benefits. We carry a wide range of products and have a large on-site inventory to ensure you don’t wait for your supplies. Learn more about the makers of ostomy products.

Ordering Supplies

Getting your ostomy supplies is simple and straightforward. Our team of experienced staff are ready to help you get the supplies that works best for you. We offer free delivery throughout BC. Learn more about ordering supplies.

Pharmacare & Other Benefits

There are many forms of coverage and benefits to assist you with the cost of your ostomy supplies. Our team understands how each of these programs works. Learn more about coverage for supplies.

Need to Order Supplies?

Use our secure online order form to order your supplies. We will confirm your order and ensure it is ready for pick up or delivery as quickly as possible. Use our online form.