Purchasing supplies

No need to purchase supplies

There is no need to purchase supplies before your surgery. The Nurse Specialized in Wound, Ostomy & Continence (NSWOC) in hospital will select a pouching system for you for the time you are in hospital. As you recover from surgery, your stoma and abdomen will change significantly. It is impossible to predict which pouching system will fit you best before your surgery.

Lots of people feel more secure stocking up on supplies. Unfortunately, many of these supplies will go unused. It’s best to wait to see an experienced NSWOC after surgery who will find the best pouching system for you.

Choosing an ostomy supplier

The NSWOC in hospital will give you the opportunity to select the ostomy supplier of your choice. Different suppliers offer different advantages. Some are close to home. Others may be further away but offer other advantages like free delivery, or access to specialized nursing care. Some have large selections available in-store; others will have to order your supplies specifically for you meaning you may have to wait for supplies.

Getting supplies after surgery

Before you leave hospital the NSWOC will make your first order for you. These supplies will be delivered to you in hospital or be waiting for you at home. Your abdomen and stoma will change after surgery so these supplies may not always be the pouching system you use for the long-term. See your NSWOC to help you find the best pouching system for you if you are having issues with leakage or pain around your stoma.

Changing suppliers

Most ostomy products are considered prescriptions in BC. They are part of the Pharmacare benefit program. All ostomy suppliers will be connected to the Pharmacare system directly ensuring that any purchases of ostomy supplies count toward your deductible. If you find an ostomy supplier that better suits your needs you can change without difficulty.