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After recovering from ostomy surgery comes life with an ostomy.

Lots of people want to connect with others who have also had surgery. On our support groups & online resources page you will find links to organizations built by people with ostomies in Canada, and the Vancouver area. You will also find information about the Ostomy Visitor program, created to link people who have had surgery or are planning surgery with someone who is living with an ostomy. And you’ll find blogs, information related to conditions that make stoma surgery necessary and other resources related to life with an ostomy.

Events & seminars is a page to check on a regular basis. Educational and social events related to ostomy, or the conditions that make ostomy surgery necessary will be listed here.

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Our website covers lots of common questions. Don’t see an answer you’re looking for? Submit your question and one of our ET nurses will send a response.

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Support Groups & Online Resources

Support Groups, Visitor Program and other Online Resources. Learn More

Events & Seminars

Check here regularly as we will be posting up-to-date event and seminar information for the Vancouver and Lower Mainland area.  We will see you there! Learn More

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