Showering and bathing

One of the most common concerns people have after ostomy surgery is about how to shower or bathe. You can bathe and shower just like normal after ostomy surgery. You can also swim and go in the hot tub.

  • Water will not harm your stoma.
  • Do not use moisturizing soaps or bath oils as it may prevent the pouching system from sticking to your skin.
  • You do not need to do anything special, just get in the shower or bath and enjoy!
  • Your pouching system will not fall off
  • After you get out, pat that pouch dry or use a blow-dryer on cool setting
  • If you have a two piece pouching system, your pouch must be attached to your flange in the shower (or you can shower with your pouch and¬†flange off).

If you have questions about showering and bathing, please call us to discuss your concerns.