Ostomy surgery

Having ostomy surgery is a big change in how your body looks and functions. Some people have planned surgeries and some people have emergency surgery that results in an ostomy.

Having the information you need can help you adjust to the “new you”.

Before surgery

If you, or someone close to you, are having surgery, visit our page on preparing for surgery to learn about stoma site marking and where to find a nurse with specialized training to support you after discharge from hospital. Find out whether or not to buy supplies before you go to the hospital, as well as information about the Ostomates’ Charter of Rights.

Anatomy & surgery information

In How does my body work?, you will find information on the urinary and digestive systems. Types of surgery talks about the different types of ostomies (small bowel, large bowel or urinary) and types of stomas covers the different ways the surgeon makes a stoma.

After surgery

After surgery answers common questions people have once they are home from hospital. These include changes you will see in your stoma, questions about showering and baths, and returning to your regular schedule.

In this section

How Should I Prepare for Surgery?

Knowing what an ostomy or stoma is, what to expect after surgery and who will support you to learn how to care for your stoma and live life fully is important. Learn More

How Does my Body Work?

For many of us, our body is like our car. We feed our car gas to keep it going, and every now and then we take it for an oil change and check the tires. Learn More

Types of Surgery

Learn more about colostomy, ileostomy, and urostomy. Learn More

Types of Stomas

Stoma is a Greek word meaning mouth or opening.  During stoma or ostomy surgery, the surgeon brings a portion of the bowel out to the surface of the abdomen to form a stoma to divert the stool or urine. Learn More

After Surgery

Coming home after ostomy surgery can be an overwhelming time. The specialized nurses at the Ostomy Care & Supply Centre are here to help. Learn More