Yet another example of ostomy ingenuity…

One of the things that makes people with an ostomy super heroes is their amazing capacity for modification, personalization and the invention of the solution to their own problems. There are lots of ostomy-related products that are the result of someone developing the solution to the thing that bothered them the most about having an ostomy.

We wish we had a record of every nifty pouch cover design we have seen over the years – glow in the dark, Christmas-themed, and one remarkable one that hooked onto a belt on pants…

One of our favourite places to see great pouch cover designs is etsy, the online flea-market. You can get almost anything on etsy, and it’s a great place to shop directly from people who make niche items.

Pouch covers range from adorable to practical. SewStoma in the UK makes simple designs in great fabrics, while OstomyBagHolder makes pouch covers in wicking material like sports clothes.

Are you talented with a sewing machine? Glue gun? Share your pouch cover design with the world. Or at least us!

PS – want a cute keychain that supports Crohn’s and Colitis Canada? You know you do