Source for up-to-date information

The amount of information about COVID-19 can be a bit overwhelming these days. It’s not always easy to determine if the source is reputable, and if it applies to us, here in BC.

There is now an app available for download or use online from the BC Government that shows updated information so you know exactly what the current recommendations are.

Supports for mental health

These are challenging times. It’s normal and okay to be feeling stressed, depressed, anxious and worried. Grief and trauma are words that are often associated with big events or experiences, and many people feel like it doesn’t apply to them, or to this situation. But actually, they are common and can be experienced in circumstances exactly like these.

If you were already dealing with mental health issues before this, the changes, restrictions and distancing, you may find that things are harder than before.

Mental wellbeing is just as important as physical wellbeing. Make sure you’re taking care of mental health the same way you’re washing your hands, distancing and staying home to protect your physical health (and those around you!).

There are currently free mental health supports being offered – please access them. Asking for help takes strength, and needing help doesn’t make you weak. And we all need to support each other right now – you can’t help others when you’re struggling.

Here are some resources on understanding what’s happening:

From the American Psychological Association about how we can heal

Why you might be feeling on edge, exhausted or withdrawn