Pouch covers by Thelma’s Fibre Art

Summer weather can mean heat rashes

The warm summer weather is so welcome, and helps facilitate distanced visits with family and friends we haven’t seen as much lately – sitting out in the yard or on the patio makes it safer to enjoy each others’ company.

However along with the warmer days and nights comes increased moisture – sometimes in the form of humidity, and sometimes in the form of sweat. Increased activity, coupled with the higher temperatures is a perfect recipe for rashes that love the extra perspiration on our skin. Your ostomy pouch can trap this moisture against your skin and help promote the growth of the heat rash.

Pouch covers help absorb perspiration

A pouch cover can help reduce the moisture that would otherwise be creating food for the normal colonies of bacteria and yeasts on our skin, and make your pouching system more comfortable to wear during the heat. Plus they can add an element of personalization and fun to your ostomy life!

Fibre Arts by Thelma

There are lots of people making pouch covers, and someone new (and local!) is Thelma Newbury. She made a pouch cover for a friend who loved it!The friend found her heat rashes under her pouch were greatly improved by using the pouch cover. Thelma decided to add them to her website, where she sells her fibre art and other personal care items (while you’re there, have a look around! She’s an interesting lady, and she’s doing a virtual walk down the west coast of Africa!).



  • These pouch covers are a very reasonably priced $10,
  • Available in a variety of colours (which change as fabrics run out and new ones become available)
  • A generous fit to make getting them on and emptying while you’re using it comfortable and easy
  • Also available in closed end

Visit Thelma’s Fibre Art at www.thelmasfibreart.ca or email her at thelmasfibreart@gmail.com to order.