Celebrating our colleagues

May 11-17 is National Nurses Week and we would like to acknowledge the hard work of all of our nursing colleagues across the country, and across the world.

Nursing is a diverse, unique and evolving profession, and we are grateful to the millions of people who decided to take on the challenge of becoming nurses and providing care.

Today nursing is a balance of technical knowledge and skill, experience, and care of the whole person. Although nurses hide it well, during their conversations with you they are constantly assessing, evaluating and planning based on numerous standards, guidelines and best practices. Many nurses are specialized in their areas of practice, having taken additional training and schooling to become more expert in their practice. (We have a textbook from the 1960’s which has a section entitled The Care and Maintenance of Flowers – this shows how much has changed about the focus of nurses over the years!)

If you see a nurse this week, please thank them for their work – nurses are amazing!