Potential scam – be aware!

We are hearing reports of emails that look they are coming from Coloplast warning about product shortages. These are not coming from Coloplast Canada. Please do not click any links in these emails, or provide any information. If you receive one, please forward it to us, or Coloplast, or report it to your email provider as phishing.

No supply shortages predicted

None of the manufacturers are predicting issues with product shortages at this time. If this changes, we will update our website.

Be safe and #stayhome!

Everyone is doing a great job of contributing to reductions in transmission – way to go! Thank you to everyone who is helping out neighbours, family members and other community members. And another big thank you to all of the front line workers who are making life possible in these difficult times – health care staff of all stripes, grocery employees, drivers and delivery people, and especially close to our hearts, pharmacy technicians. We appreciate everything you do!