Organ donation registry update

Over the years, the way to make sure you are recognized as an organ donor has changed. There was a form to fill out, a sticker to put on your CareCard, and now, an online registry. This new method has replaced the previous ones, so if you want to be an organ donor, it’s important to register now.

BC Transplant’s website makes registration easy – all you need is your Personal Health Number (CareCard number), your name, birth date and address!

Everyone has their own beliefs about receiving and donating organs. There are complex emotional, spiritual and medical questions to consider when deciding whether or not to become an organ donor. For those who decide donation is consistent with their beliefs and values, ensuring that you are recognized as an organ donor is essential to making sure your contribution is maximized.

If you haven’t already, please visit Transplant BC to learn more, or update your registration.